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deposit a gift photo11/22/2013

Dear Family & Friends.

After 26 years of business we are proud to announce we’ve officially outgrown our salon location. As you probably know we’ve been wanting to expand the salon for years, it took until now to acquire the building next door. Now its time to take action and move forward. It’s become clear that doing so will require more resources.

Many of you have asked how to get involved, so we are reaching out to our incredibly supportive inner circle for some fundraising ideas. We have a Fundraising Site that will be launched next week, but with the holidays approaching fast we want to take advantage of the opportunity to host some fun, festive fundraisers, to easily turn this dream into reality.

Please inbox, text or call if you come across any effective ideas for fundraising. Information and details of the new salon will be launched with our funds site. Again, thank you so much for constant love and support— We can’t tell you how much this means to us. We hope to have the new space up and running by next summer.

Thank you and best regards,

Rochelle & the family


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